VENUE: Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Founded in 1852, Royal Canadian Yacht Club, one of the world’s oldest and largest yacht clubs. Its summer home is a trio of islands (RCYC Island, South Island and Snug Island) in the Toronto Islands a picturesque view and a quick ferry ride away from Downtown Toronto. RCYC has nearly 5000 members, 450 yachts and numerous dinghies. RCYC is especially proud of its youth programming, with more than 75 years of Junior Club instruction, from learn to sail development programs to high performance national race teams.

RCYC is especially proud of its youth, with more than 75 years of Junior Sailing programming

RCYC Launch Service

Access to RCYC Island is by private tender. There are two tenders: Kwasind and Hiawatha. The launch departs the City Station at quarter past and quarter to the hour (08:15, 08:45, etc.) and departs the Island Clubhouse on the hour and half-hour (20:00, 20:30, etc.). Please note dress code is in effect while travelling on the launch.

Dress Code

RCYC Dress Code is intended to maintain the standards and traditions of the club and is in effect on the launch (both to and fro the island) and in some areas of the clubhouse. For men, the dress code is smart casual—a shirt with a collar and sleeves, pants or shorts (no more than 3 inches from the knee).  For ladies, the dress code is smart casual, a dress, skirt, pants or shorts (no more than 3 inches above the knee).  Juniors, aged ten and over, shall dress in accordance with the adult regulations. Children aged nine and under should wear neat and clean casual clothes. Please note that blue denim jeans and leggings are not considered proper attire.